Meditation & Mindfulness Corporate Classes

What Could Mindfulness Do For Your Business?

Bank of England, KPMG, Goldman Sachs, Deloitte, Google, Facebook Microsoft and Ford are just some of the many businesses using Mindfulness because it leads to happier healthier workers and ultimately increased profitability!

You don’t have to go to Silicone Valley to find a trainer. We have our own expert right here in Gloucestershire!

Steve Brisk who teaches Meditation and Mindfulness right here in Gloucestershire comes from a business background, having been a Sales Manager with a multi-national. Steve is always keen to discuss how his teachings can lead to greater profitability as well as a healthier, happier workforce.

As well as reducing stress and depression, regular practice of Mindfulness improves concentration, increases creativity, improves sleep and brings a general feeling of well being.


How can I do it? Does it require a change in lifestyle?

You can use Mindfulness in many areas of your life and introduce it into your regular routine. From brushing your teeth in the morning, showering, preparing and eating breakfast to traveling to work. All these activities which you do most days anyway can be come Mindfulness exercises by bringing your total concentration to each “task” and you haven’t even had your morning coffee yet! So no change in lifestyle necessary.

Have you ever gone upstairs for something and by the time you reach the landing you can’t remember what you went for? We’ve all done it, but if we are mindful, that won’t happen.

When you are having a conversation, are you really listening to the other person or are you thinking about what to say or what you are going to do tonight? If you listen mindfully, bringing all your concentration to the conversation, then you are really listening.

In times of stress, do you react or respond? The mindful approach is not to react but to observe the situation, gage the best solution for all concerned, then respond appropriately.

When you eat, is it simply a refuelling exercise? It can be the perfect opportunity to practise mindfulness. What does the food look like and smell like? What is the texture when you put it in your mouth? What is the flavour, how does it feel as you swallow it and so on.

Steve runs Mindfulness workshops for companies as well as regular in-house sessions.

Your business does not need to be a major corporation either. Steve has worked with groups as small as six!

So you can discuss meditation & mindfulness corporate classes for your business, feel free to drop Steve a line so he can get in contact with you to discuss the opportunity.