Steve is now receiving deposits for his April class commencing on April 21st 2020. The cost is £50 per ten week term. If you would like to book lessons, please fill out the contact form and I will send you a Paypal invoice for £15.00 so that you  can  reserve your place but may I suggest that because class size is limited to 20 and I do operate on a strict  first come first served basis, you do book your place as soon as possible to save possible disappointment..

The course takes place at Bishops Cleeve Primary Academy, Tobyfield Road Bishops Cleeve GL52 8NN (adjacent to Bishops Cleeve Library)  7.00 – 9.00 p.m. on Tuesday evenings. They are composed of absolute beginners as well as a number of “practised” meditators who have attended at least one term of my classes.

The classes are designed to help students first to develop regular meditation practice and then Mindfulness. Although my own practise is the “Mindfulness of breathing” meditation, It doesn’t suit everyone so I do also teach other techniques over a term including Mantra, Creative visualisation, Kaballah meditation and chanting.

I offer a money back guarantee! Providing you practice what I teach, if there is no change (identified on your self assessment form attached) after one term, your money back. In 30 years of teaching I have never had to give anybody’s money back, because it really works.

Steve Brisk

(BSYA Med. Teach. & Certificate in Mindfulness Bangor Uni.)

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What Others Say About My Course

I used to approach things like a scattergun, but now it’s a single shot and I hit the target every time!
It’s the best pill anybody can take. (Joe)
I used to get stressed and feel that I had lost control of my life.
Now, through meditation, I have discovered an oasis of calm!
I have learnt a whole lot more than I ever expected with Steve’s meditation classes and met some wonderful people. I never expected (even in our first session I was doubtful) that Meditation could make such a difference to the way I see the world and situations around me and enhance my life so much. From learning how to cope with Stress and Anger at work or at home to finding ways of sleeping better at night, it has made quite a substantial difference in my life – one that my close family and friends have noticed. The sessions are varied and interesting and you are guaranteed to learn a new skill each week. There is no obligation to practice Meditations you don’t find helpful and Steve has enough practices to suit everyone, you are bound to find one that works for you. I feel very grateful to have learnt a skill for life and only wish I had found it sooner!