Steve Brisk has run group meditation classes for over 40 years with many hundreds of happy, content students. Steve’s Septembers class is now full but he is taking reservations for his January class costing £50.00 for the 10 week course.

On January 12th, Steve Brisk, Gloucestershire’s first British School of Yoga accredited teacher of meditation and mindfulness will teach in Cheltenham for the first time.

Steve Brisk who has been teaching meditation and mindfulness in Gloucestershire for over forty years has finally agreed to run a class in Cheltenham which will take place at St Marks Methodist Church in Gloucester Road in the town.

If you’re interested in reserving a space then get in touch today by completing the contact form!

The classes are designed to help students to develop regular meditation and mindfulness practice in a welcoming and relaxing environment. Although my own practise is the “Mindfulness of breathing” meditation, It doesn’t suit everyone so I do also teach other techniques over a term including visualisation, Mantra and Kaballah meditation,

The benefits :

Help boost immune system against Covid 19. Yes its true! Scientists have discovered that regular meditation practice boosts the immune system against Covid 19

Reduce stress and anxiety
Improve sleep
Increase happiness and wellbeing
Improve concentration
Reduce pain

In his regular classes Steve offers a money back guarantee. If you are not paying you need to understand that he has never had to give anyone’s money back because, if you follow his instruction, it really works.”

Steve Brisk

(BSYA Med. Teach. & Certificate in Mindfulness Bangor Uni.)

Positive feedback
Years Experience
For 10 Lessons

What Others Say About My Course

I used to approach things like a scattergun, but now it’s a single shot and I hit the target every time!
It’s the best pill anybody can take. (Joe)
I used to get stressed and feel that I had lost control of my life.
Now, through meditation, I have discovered an oasis of calm!
I have learnt a whole lot more than I ever expected with Steve’s meditation classes and met some wonderful people. I never expected (even in our first session I was doubtful) that Meditation could make such a difference to the way I see the world and situations around me and enhance my life so much. From learning how to cope with Stress and Anger at work or at home to finding ways of sleeping better at night, it has made quite a substantial difference in my life – one that my close family and friends have noticed. The sessions are varied and interesting and you are guaranteed to learn a new skill each week. There is no obligation to practice Meditations you don’t find helpful and Steve has enough practices to suit everyone, you are bound to find one that works for you. I feel very grateful to have learnt a skill for life and only wish I had found it sooner!