Meditation Cheltenham?

Steve says that Meditation Cheltenham is very simply a method of training ourselves to concentrate on a meditation object of our choice rather than the many thoughts which bombard us throughout our waking days and then often, afterwards in our sleep!

The meditation objects are varied and many. Over the course of a year, Steve teaches several different techniques, mostly based on different objects, usually starting with just our normal breathing. He also teaches a mantra meditation, based on the repetition of a phrase or word, a “special Place” meditation for which Steve helps practitioners to “build” their ideal sanctuary and a gazing meditation during which the class learns to gaze on a diagram (mandala) or a candle flame.

Steve warns that the process is subtle and slow he says” You won’t suddenly think “wow I’m meditating and it’s fantastic!”It is a discipline and requires a commitment to regular, preferably daily practise. It is only with that regular practise that the many benefits will arise.

Steve focuses on teaching meditation in Cheltenham, Gloucester, Bishops Cleeve in Gloucestershire.

He also warns that students should expect “resistance”. People are trying to alter their minds habits of a lifetime. Our minds and bodies are used to being active and busy, since birth, now you are expecting them to be still an inactive. They will do everything they can to resist that. It’s not easy to overcome this resistance, but you can do it and the benefits are worth the effort.

Although students will find that simply practising any of the techniques regularly will provide benefits, if the practitioner also practises “Mindfulness”, the benefits will be greatly enhanced. (264)
“The good news”, he says, is that “you don’t have to be suffering either a chronic illness or serious depression, to benefit from meditation. There are many areas of life which meditation in cheltenham can help to improve.”

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