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Meditator’s comments-


I used to get stressed and feel that I had lost control of my life. (Jennifer)

Now, through meditation, I have discovered an oasis of calm! (James)

I’m not getting bothered by things which used to bother me, so it must be working! (Nick)

Friends can’t believe how chilled out I am, I didn’t used to be! It’s my bridge over troubled water. (Nicola)

Now I meditate, it has changed everything and I feel that I can deal with everything in a different way to the way I would have done previously, a more focussed more productive way. (Charlotte)

 I used to approach things like a scattergun, but now it’s a single shot and I hit the target every time! (Davina)

It’s the best pill anybody can take. (Joe)

Since meditating, stress just doesn’t affect me any more, I have greater awareness, and I accept things which I can’t change. My concentration has improved as well as my general demeanour and behaviour. It has changed other people’s perception of me, very positively. (Mary)

 I’m not sure yet what extent the meditation classes have made a difference but I think it is quite profound. I see it very much as a life changing discovery as for the first time I have found a way of really relaxing. I am generally less stressed and more chilled out. For me meditation has come just at the right time. It has helped me to sleep and I believe it probably has self healing aspects. Being in a group has been good to be able to learn others experiences. I particularly enjoyed the chanting.” (Nicola)

I am not allowing other people’s stress to affect me so much and I am more able to move on from frustrations (Chris)

I am a much calmer person and am more able to deal with stressful situations and help others to do the same. (Pamela)

I have explored the value of self-awareness & being “in the moment”. I learned new techniques for meditation which I hadn’t done before. I appreciate the relaxed tempo of the meditations and have very much enjoyed the chanting” (Emily).

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