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Frequently Asked Questions

What will we be doing in this class?

The objectives of the classes are to teach you several meditation techniques, some basic relaxation methods and build your commitment to regular practice. Also, very importantly, to have an enjoyable and relaxing evening. Steve creates a very friendly and relaxing environment for the classes.

There is a relaxation session for which most people, but not all, lie on the floor followed by instruction and meditation for which most people sit on ordinary chairs.

What will the benefits be to me?

The many benefits include learning to cope better with stress, learning how to relax your body and your mind. You will increase your self confidence and become more positive. You should sleep better and bring some control to your mind. See “before/after evaluation, which suggests 20 areas which might be improved.

What should I wear?

Something loose fitting in which you will feel comfortable lying down. A tracksuit or jogging suit is ideal but it is important not to get cold and though every effort is made to keep the hall warm, you may need to wear layers in the cold weather.

Do I need to bring anything with me?

Yes. If you bring a rug or blanket to lie on the floor you will be more comfortable. (some people bring a sleeping bag or a camping mat and rug ). You may also need a cushion to adjust your sitting position when sitting on a chair, a small scatter cushion is best. Also, as some of the work we do is based on breathing so bring a handkerchief!

What do I need to feel nervous about?

Absolutely nothing, there’s even a money back guarantee, so relax!

Steve carries out a “before after” evaluation and, if at the end of the first term, providing you have practised as he suggests, there has been no improvement, he guarantees your fees will be returned.