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What to Expect

The objectives of the classes are to teach you several meditation techniques, some basic relaxation methods, give you an understanding of Mindfulness and build your commitment to regular practice of both. Also, very importantly, to have an enjoyable and relaxing evening. Steve creates a very friendly and relaxing environment for the classes.

Steve uses a big variety of meditation techniques which you can then try at home each week to help you find what’s right for you. Most people often find only one or two techniques suit them which is completely normal, but that does require you to come to as many meditation sessions as you can so you can find the technique that suits you.

But, if you have to miss a session, please don’t feel that all is lost, Steve will do his utmost to repeat what you missed and I will send you the handouts.

Week 1 – Introduction and breathing meditation

Week 2 – Varied breathing meditation

Week 3 – Visualisation meditation

Week 4 – Kabbalah Meditation

Week 5 – Alternate nostril breathing meditation

Week 6 – Special place meditation

Week 7 – Gazing/candle meditation

Week 8 – Chanting meditation

Week 9 – White triangle meditation

Week 10 – Mantra meditation

Each class will include an element of mindfulness

Please note this is a sample itinerary, weekly meditations are subject to change/switch depending on the groups needs/size.

It is a very sociable and supportive group and a lot of people become very good friends through it. Most terms consist of approximately 50% practised beginners (people who have been to Steve’s meditation before) and approximately 50% new beginners.

One of the many benefits of doing meditations in a group is the power of the group makes meditating so much easier together. Most people find it really hard to meditate on their own at first which is why coming to my meditation classes will help guide you to get used to meditating together, so then eventually it will become easier and more natural when you practise on your own